The world is experiencing a menopause awakening. No longer is menopause the end of life for women, instead it is the beginning of a new spring.

New spring

Women are at the peak of their career, the prime of their lives and are often more confident and assertive than ever before.

Regaining control

However, for 90% of women who suffer with perimenopause and menopause symptoms, this can be a confronting and challenging time. It is time for education. Education is our gift when it comes to owning our mind and body.

At Rosby, we want to educate everyone about Menopause – below you will find links to our current articles and videos. We have more content coming soon!



Providing education sessions for all on peri/menopause. Plus, specific training or workshops for women, managers and leaders.


Partnering with businesses to create a menopause strategy, be menopause supportive and retain more women in their organisation.


Individual support for women to regain confidence, break through overwhelm and resume control of their career.


Specialist Menopause Doctor, nutrition advice, physio and personal trainers. Helping women in their menopause transition.


Mel's Story

Mel was working in a Global VP role for a Media business. She was in her early 40s and her boss asked her if she would consider a promotion as SVP of the business in the next few months. 

Mel’s father had recently passed away a year earlier and she felt she was still grieving, struggling with some brain fog, sleeplessness and general anxiety. She put it all down to her grieving process. She felt there was no way she could continue in her current role, let alone consider taking on a more senior post.

She took herself off to the GP and was diagnosed as perimenopausal and immediately started HRT. Mel spoke to her manager, who was very supportive. He offered her a career coach, an excellent retired CEO who had also been his coach and had helped him to develop in his career. Mel agreed to this, she had a few sessions and thought the coach was great but that he just didn’t really understand her.

Mel left her job and focused on rebalancing her hormones and regaining control of her life. She has taken the time to better understand what she needs and wants for her future and is now thriving in her new career.

Sue's Story

Sue is a manager in a nursery. She loves her job, she has always been great at it and couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else. 

One summer, Sue noticed herself feeling more and more anxious about going to work. She couldn’t pinpoint anything in particular but just a few niggling feelings about driving to work, feeling less sure of her performance and often forgetting things that she usually just managed on autopilot to complete.

Sue’s manager noticed that Sue didn’t seem herself and suggested she utilise their EAP (employee assistance programme) which offers employees’ free access to counselling or other therapists.

At the same time, her company had a Manager education session on Menopause. It was during the training that Sue realised everything she had been feeling could actually be perimenopause. Sue took herself off and was soon diagnosed as perimenopausal and is getting the treatment she needs. She immediately felt understood and like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

Sue still has some days when she doesn’t quite feel herself, although these are less frequent, Sue now understands what is going on and feels supported by her company to talk about how she is feeling without the worry of being judged.


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