The impact of menopause on women in the workplace is profound.

If you’re just starting your organisational journey into menopause, we can help you to create a menopause strategy. This includes understanding the appetite internally to design something that is fit for purpose. We can help you to develop your menopause policy, whether this sits within another domestic policy or a standalone policy.

We supply ongoing support through a breadth of resources and access to healthcare experts, nutritionists, personal trainers and menopause coaches – all accessible to your teams via your own branded intranet page.

Our experts also provide:

  • Lunch and learn workshops – creating a safe space for women to gain helpful tips and advice on perimenopause and menopause – what to expect.
  • Manager education sessions – so that managers are more aware of the symptoms and what their team members may be going through and how they can support
  • Training and education sessions for everyone – raising awareness and understanding of this important topic
  • Individual coaching for women who are impacted – perimenopause and menopause affects women in different ways but can often leave women doubting their ability, performance and future career. We offer one to 12 sessions, depending on individual needs.
  • Expert speakers – open focused sessions for anyone to attend.

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